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    Hi firmdale


    Do not type anything in password just click on Next you will get Message " Provided password is wrong or empty. However, you can proceed the uninstallation but vCenter Single Sign In database will be left out after uninstallation" just click OK and continue the uninstall process.


    You have to remove database manually


    /Bezar Ghazi

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    Could some post a HASH for a password like "Temp1234." so that everyone won't have to reinstall SSO, but rather copy this HASH into their DB, and then use Temp1234. as their admin@System-Domain password????  We are all going to change it right after anyways.  It would save everyone lots of steps.

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    HI ,


    I have just left note in private message which has script to reset the password of admin@system-Domain.




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    I have this one from helping someone out before... It worked then, so ... Hope it helps some folks.

    the password is "P@ssw0rd" (without the quotes)

    the hash: {SSHA256}qguSTmcPLof/kca9rCmHTksmvZpqZVlBW2NP+8OWYgo37SbXiw==

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    Hi ,


    For wider audience here is script


    if SSO password ( admini@system-domain ) needs to be reset, please execute below query on RSA database:





    [PASSWORD] = '{SSHA256}KGOnPYya2qwhF9w4xK157EZZ/RqIxParohltZWU7h2T/VGjNRA=='


    LOGINUID = 'admin'




    This will reset the password to "VMware1234!", after which you login and change the password as needed.

    Note: Take backup of RSA database before executing this



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    Thank you!

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    Thank you!!!  worked like a charm!!!!!

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    Sorry for the late reply... But you're welcome

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    Does this hash update for the SQL Database modify the the Admin@System-Domain password or does it also change the Master password as well?


    I ask because I am recently hired at this company and given an environment with no documentation. I was originally unable to install the web client until I ran this hash query in my database. I was then able to install the Web Client, log into the web client and also change my password for the admin@system-domain account.


    However, I'm trying to update my current environment from 5.1 to 5.1u1 and when I run the installer to update SSO, it tells me I have the wrong password. I know the Admin Password is correct as I can log into the Web Client with it. However the installation fails with the wrong password dialog box. If I try to run the "rsautil reset-admin-password" and use my admin password, it tells me that I have the wrong password. So my guess is that this only changes the admin password and not the master.


    If my guess is correct and this has only updates the admin and not the master, it seems extremely silly to me that the only way to reset the master password is to uninstall SSO and reinstall it from scratch.


    Or is there something else going on in my environment?


    Is my only choice to reinstall SSO?

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    This hash and the procedure resets your master password ... So maybe something else is going on?

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    Read the post earlier in this thread by memaad.... He outlines a process to reset it in the DB.

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    Above mention hash in my post will reset the password only for admin@system-domain. Once you know this password then you can reset the master password.




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    Could you let me know what the directory and files are that I need to have a look at for this please. One of my engineers set this up and has since left the company. So I have no way of getting the system-domain password. I would IM you, but do not have any points......


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    Worked for me!

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    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Ich bin ab dem 19.08.2013 wieder im Büro für Sie zu erreichen. Wenn Ihr Anliegen eine kurzfristige Bearbeitung erfordert, sind Ihnen meine Kollegen/Kolleginnen vom Service & Support Team gerne behilflich: (Mail:<> und Tel.: +49 341 355913 20).


    Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.





    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards




    Maik Schoepe


    Teamleiter IT Infrastructure / Field Service




    ACS Solutions GmbH


    Maximilianallee 2


    04129 Leipzig




    Phone: +49 341 355913 23


    Fax: +49 341 355913 11




    Amtsgericht Leipzig: HRB21111


    USt-IdNr: DE814217083


    Geschäftsführung: Thomas Lindner

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    How do I reset the master password after I've a working password for the admin@system-domain? I found this but it warns that it will break my SSO setup.

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    Hi guys


    i do not remember admin@system-domain password


    i wondring how to reset admin's account password


    i tried to reset password by rsautil command line but i dont remember master password.


    Anyway to reset password? can i find Master password in DB tables? or add new user admin user in DB?




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    I don't think there is a way to reset the master password for SSO, at least I haven't come accross a way to do this yet ...


    The master password is the one you set during initial setup, it doesn't change even if you changed later changed the admin password ... If you can't remember it ... I'm afraid there's not much you can do... Maybe someone else has better news?

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    Hi ,


    VMware does not support reseting Master password, However while doing search online I found this link "Unsupported by VMware"





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    Nice find memaad ...


    Of course it's not supported, but if you're really in need of a fix and don't want to take the recommended way of VMware ... You could go this route.

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